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Generating RESEARCH IMPACT TETHYS AQUACULTURE Limited is focused on generating impact from Aquatic Animal Health Research in order to support the fish farming industry to have access to innovative solutions and technologies on preventing fish diseases a major limiting factor for the sustainability of Aquaculture Industry.

TETHYS AQUACULTURE team has a unique blend of academic research experience and industrial excperience placing us in a perfect position to act as a bridge between the two.
Facilitating TECHNOLOGY TRANFER Aquaculture is the fastest growing Animal Health Sector facilitated by more than 40 cultured species worldwide, different farming environments (coldwater, temperate and warm water) and technological stages of industry development.

Various pathogens causes different level of losses and the industry is seeking alternative animal health strategies focused on diseases prevention. Rigid and inneficient legislative framework creates barriers and reduces the availability of solutions to the industry while lack of market knowledge often deters the pharmaceutical industry in developing innovative solutions
Bridging the GAP   Tethys Aquaculture Team has many years of experience in the aquatic animal health industry worldwide. Our unique blend of academic research and industrial experience provides an understanding of the philosophy, strengths and weaknesses of both the academic and industrial sectors and place them in a perfect position to act as a bridge between the two.  We observe industry trends and assist in the early definition of the industry research needs while we follow selected research teams with excellent applied research designs assisting in concept design, prototype development, upscaling and product development to ensure fast technology transfer, innovation uptake and industry feedback.

Tethys: The Ancient Greek Goddess

Tethys was the daughter of Uranus and Gaia, an Aquatic sea goddess, sister and wife of Oceanus , mother of the main rivers of the world known to the Greeks, such as the Nile, the Alpheus, the Maeander, and about three thousand daughters called the Oceanids.

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Tethys the Ocean

In 1893, Eduard Suess proposed the theory that an inland ocean had once existed in a moment of Earth's life when all tectonic plates had formed a unique supercontinent, known as Pangaea. He named it the 'Tethys' after the Greek sea goddess Tethys

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Tethys Aquaculture Ltd

TETHYS AQUACULTURE LTD has been established to provide a bridge between academic research and industry to facilitate and increase the impact of excellent research which, in many cases, is not yet realising its full industrial potential.



Tethys Aquaculture Ltd has been established to provide a bridge between academic research and industry to facilitate and increase the impact of excellent research which, in many cases, is not yet realising its full industrial potential.



  Services to the Aquaculture Industry Taking into account that diseases represent an important bottleneck for the sustainable development of aquaculture we offer Services that include: Fish health management advice through a network of experts, Fish health economics service, Sector Aquatic animal health analysis and monitoring, Expert reporting, Tailored training programmes. Read More


 Services to the Research Community Recognising that many academic pertners (organisations) are sometimes distant from the market, we provide advice and support in prototype development (autogenous vaccine production), manufacturing scale up, grant opportunities, identification of potential industrial partners. Guiding research 'seamlessly' through to commercial products, disease trends, disease profiles, technology transfer, industrial training and dissemination of results. We also provide advice and support to start up companies which may have products applicable to the field of aquatic animal health but have no exposure to that sector. Read More

  Service to the Pharmaceutical Industry Many animal health companies have little exposure to the aquaculture industry. In Tethys AQUACULTURE we provide advice and support in : identifying potential academic partners, availability of academic/industry collaborative grant funding, market trends and analysis, disease profiles, national and regionalmarket development, competitor activity and MS analysis identification of laboratory and field trial sites.  Read More


 Services to International Organisations We provide expert advice and support in Project call design, Policy development and Industry overview studies. Read More


How to maximise IMPACT

There is a number of key factors that are vital for generating impact. These include:

  • Established networks and relationships with research users
  • Involving users at all stages of the research
  • Well-planned public engagement and knowledge exchange strategies
  • Portfolios of research activity that build up reputations with research users
  • Good infrastructure and management support
  • Involvement of intermediaries and knowledge brokers as translators, amplifiers, network providers.

These factors relate to the process of generating impact, the context in which research messages are delivered and the content of research.

Economic and Social Research Council - Impact Toolkit


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